• Certified EMDR Therapist offering individual and group therapy
  • EMDR Consultant in Training offering group and individual consultation to therapists.

Message to clients:

Whether you have specific trauma that needs to be resolved, have unwanted feelings, are experiencing overwhelming emotional reactions, are feeling stuck in life, or need help with performance issues (competitively and occupationally) this type of therapy is incredibly effective. My desire is to help people resolve the core of their problems and get back to living so I utilize EMDR in an intensive brief therapy format. This means sessions can be anywhere from 90 minutes to a couple hours long and therapy typically last anywhere from four to 12 weeks depending on severity

If you’re not sure if this type therapy is right for you, I offer a combination of approaches for getting started with EMDR. Join one of my eight week EMDR preparation and self-exploration groups, or attend two two-hour workshops. You’ll learn how to manage overwhelming emotions and understand why you have unwanted automatic reactions. Then you can decide if this brief intensive form of therapy is right for you and proceed in individual therapy, with me, to resolve the things that are keeping you stuck in life.