Jane is a licensed therapist, a certified EMDR therapist and a certified professional coach. She works with clients online via her secure videotherapy portal, offering her full range of services, including EMDR.

Jane brings to her 12 years of therapy a business background, a seminary degree and a British accent! She loves to work with bright, motivated clients who need a little bit of help getting unstuck in life, work and relationships. She incorporates the goal-setting process of business, the education of academia and the compassion of a trauma therapist who’s been through plenty of her own therapy in her spare time. EMDR is her preferred approach as it gets such great results, but she throws in some tapping, energy psychology and co-acative coaching along the way, all mixed together with a hefty dose of common sense. She works with relational issues, career issues, spiritual issues, grief and trauma in either a therapy or coaching capacity.

Jane is originally from London, England and came to the US in 2002. Therapy is her second career following 17 years in business. She added coaching to her practice in 2017. In addition to her practice, she teaches in a marriage & family therapy graduate program.


Abuse & Neglect in Childhood, Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety, Attachment Disorders, Co-dependency, Coaching/Life Transitions, Conflict Resolution, Early Childhood Protocol, Early Trauma Protocol, Family of Origin Issues, Grief/Loss/Bereavement, Insomnia, Performance/Creativity Enhancement, Phobias/OCD, Childbirth and Medical Traumas, Pre Verbal Protocol, Psychodynamic, Relationship Issues, Religious/Spiritual Concerns, Self-Esteem/Empowerment, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence/Rape, Shame, Sleep Disorders, Stress Management, Trauma,

Insurance Accepted

Fee For Service, Aetna, BHP, CIGNA , PreferredOne, limited HealthPartners plans

Insurance Notes

Jane is in network with PreferredOne and Cigna and will submit paperwork for other plans on an out-of-network basis. Please note that Jane has a peripheral affiliation with HealthPartners and is only covered by employer “self-insured” plans, such as 3M and Wells Fargo. The vast majority of HealthPartners plans treat Jane as out of network.

Please note that Jane is NOT covered by any Medical Assistance, Medicaid or Medicare plans, including those administered by HealthPartners.

Additional Info

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