I am excited to be practicing EMDR and have advanced trainings in adapting EMDR for Children, as well as the Somatic Experience. I have training in EMDR and dissociation and the preverbal trauma protocol. I am passionate about using EMDR across all ages to help clients who feel stuck in their past to work toward being able to confidently live in their present.

At times, clients may benefit form additional therapeutic interventions, and I have an eclectic mix of strategies to use during these times.


Abuse & Neglect in Childhood, Dissociation, Early Childhood Protocol, Early Trauma Protocol, Ego States Therapy, Postpartum Depression/Pregnancy/Birth Traumas, Pre Verbal Protocol, Sexual Abuse, Somatic Therapy, Trauma

Insurance Accepted

Fee For Service, BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), CIGNA , Health Partners

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