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there is no limit to the length. It can be matched with the waist above, neat, hip, long, basically more than the dress itself, remember that you can match some belts around the waist to make it more comfortable. Good results.
Sleeveless (short-sleeved) dress
You can wear it with a knitted sweater or a sweater inside. There is no limit to the length of the sleeves. Flat collar and respectful collar are better. If it is a low-necked inner shirt, you can add a silk scarf as an embellishment.
Long-sleeved dresses can be worn kitchen gadgets dog shop plus bustier maternity clothing corset with trench coats. The matching of dress accessories can play the role of finishing touch, so it is very important. In addition to the belt, the chain or silk scarf around the neck is very important. In addition, when the coat is different, you should choose different shoes